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This is where all the fun happens - and great storm water education. On this page you can access this year's workshops, along with the recordings of past events.

Workshop Portal:

Each day of this year's PDU Week, we will post a link to the day's lesson. After watching the approximate 15-minute video, you will need to work through each day's additional learning activity and to take the learning quiz in order to earn 1 professional development hour (PDH) or professional development unit (PDU). WGR Southwest, Inc. and PDU Week do not officially issue PDHs or PDUs but provide opportunities to earn them. You will receive a certificate of completion for each day's activities documenting your viewing the video and doing the self-study activities. It is up to the holder of the professional storm water certification to document and verify that the continuing education requirement was met through these PDH/PDU opportunities.

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Archived Workshops

A Note on PDH Units:

If you are a CPESC®, CPSWQ®, CISEC®, CESSWI™, or CMS4S™, you are required to earn a certain amount of "professional development hours" each year. PDU Week and Storm Water Awareness Week are both crafted to help you in meeting your continuing education requirements, and we strive to make sure both events meet the criteria for obtaining online PDH units. All of our classes are exam-challenged, and we offer each participant a customized certificate of completion for each workshop. It is up to the certified person to determine the applicability of the training for PDUs or CDHs and to document the training. For more information on the PDH requirements, you may check out this document.

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