About PDU Week 2018
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PDU Week 2018 is the sixth annual occurrence of this groundbreaking event. Once again this year, we are seeking to utilize technology to provide high-quality training to as many people as possible, without requiring them to travel to a class location. We will have at least four hour-long presentations during the week of MAY 21 - 25, 2018, and will be offering these interactive workshops free of charge here on our website.

To ensure that all of these workshops provide you with the highest quality of continuing education, we are taking steps to make the presentations as interactive as possible, even including a time where participants can submit questions to the presenters using an online form, and listen as the workshop presenters offer their answers.

PDU Week was designed to help storm water professionals fulfill their continuing education requirements. PDU Week does not issue continuing education or professional development units, but provides educational opportunities for the professional to meet their ongoing continuing education requirements. Each participant must use his or her best judgment in determining the applicability of these workshops in meeting their PDU requirements. We are doing our best to make sure that these classes are as qualifying as possible - for each class, we will offer a short exam to demonstrate understanding of the topic and we will provide each participant with a personal certificate of completion. All of the live online workshops will be recorded and available on this website after the event.

If you have enjoyed PDU Week, you may also enjoy our other free educational event, Storm Water Awareness Week, which is typically held annually during the last week of September. Please visit www.stormwaterawareness.org for more information.

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